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Technical parameter of chainsaw SY-7200B:Gasoline chain saws  SY7200

chain saw is a portable mechanical, motorized saw.It is used in logging activities such as felling,removing branches and foliage,assisting in cutting firebreaks in wildland fire suppression,harvesting firewood,etc
Usually,they are used in garden,orchard,home,afforestation,wood processing,timbering,etc

Engine type: air-cooling, gasoline engine, 2-stroke system
Displacement: 72cc
 Rated output Power: 3.6kw/12000r/min  
Idling speed: 2800r/min  
 gasoline/2-cycle oil mixing ratio: 1:25  
 Ignition system: C.D.I
 Starter system: hand-starter
 Fuel tank capacity: 680ml
 Engine oil tank capacity: 360ml
 Carburetor: diaphragm 
 chain Brand: STIHL (standard feature)
 Guide bar size: 20''(standard feature)

Actual picture of SY-7200B Chain Saw:

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