Chain saw SY4600

Technical parameter of chainsaw SY4600(MS250):chainsaws SY4600

SY4600 A chainsaw (or chain saw) is a portable mechanical, motorized saw.It is used in logging activities such as felling,removing branches and foliage,assisting in cutting firebreaks in wildland fire suppression,harvesting firewood,etc.Usually,they are used in garden,orchard,home,afforestation,wood processing,timbering,etc
Engine type:  single cylinder, air-cooling,  2-stroke ,gasoline
Displacement:  45.4cc
Max Power:  2.2kw/12000rpm
Idling speed:  2800rpm
gasoline/2-cycle oil mixing ratio:  1:25(FB/FC)   1:50(FD)
Ignition system:  C.D.I
Starter system:  hand-starter
Fuel tank capacity:  470ml
Engine oil tank capacity:  200ml
Carburetor:  HLIC
chain Brand:  STIHL
Guide bar size:  16"
Size: 480X290X555mm two

Actual picture of SY4600 Chain Saw:

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