SY-TF900 Power Sprayer

SY-TF900 Knapsack Power Sprayer: 

Knapsack power sprayer is mainly used in agriculture,gardening,and landscaping that applies herbicides,pesticides,fertilizers,water to agricultral crops,orchard,plantation etc

Engine model: TU26/139F
Engine displacement: 26cc(31cc)
Engine type: air-cooled,two(four)-stroke,single cylinder gasoline
Engine/RPM: 0.7(0.75)kw/6500-7000r/min
Oil gasoline fuel mixing ratio: 1:20-25
Fuel tank capacity: 850ml(1000ml)
Capacity of water tank: 30L
Suction capacity: 10L/min
Spraying capacity: 8L/min
Work pressure: 10-30kgf/cm2
Pump type:  high pressure piston pump
Gross weight: 11kg
Dimension: 480×350 ×640mm
Carrying type: knapsack
  • TF900 Knapsack power sprayer